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smu summer 2013 mba assignment

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Friday, 5 August 2011

B.SC III YEAR math Syllabus

BMG: 301 Real Analysis and Mathematical Statistics Max Marks: 50
Unit I
Concepts of metric space: Continuous functions, Open sets and closed sets in
metric spaces, connected sets, Bounded and Totally bounded sets, Complete metric
spaces, Contraction mapping, Compact metric spaces, Uniform continuity.
Unit II
Existence and properties of the Riemann integral, Fundamental theorem of
calculus, Improper integral.
Sequence and series of function: Point-wise and uniform convergence of sequence of
functions, Convergence and uniform convergence of series of function, Integration and
differentiation of series of functions.
Unit III
The metric space C[a,b] .The Weierstrass approximation theorem ,Picard’s
existence of differential equation, Fourier series ,Formulation of convergence problems,
Convergence of Fourier series .
Unit IV
Curve fitting-Method of least square, Introduction of Moments, Applications of ttest
, Z-test and F-test.
Unit V
Interpolation :( Newton’s and Lagrange’s formula), Correlation and regression,
Measures of correlation, The least square regression lines, Coefficient of correlation,
Rank correlation.
Books Recommended:
1. R.R Goldberg Method of Real Analysis.(Relevant parts)
2. E.T.Coppson Metric spaces, Cambridge Univ .Press.
3 Ray & Sharma Mathematical Statistics.
4 Murray & Spiegel Statistics
5. C.E.Weatherban A text Book of Statistics

BMG: 302 Differential Geometry Max Marks: 50

Curves With Torsion: Tangent, Principal normal-Curvature, Binormal -Torsion, Serret-Frenet
formulae, Locus of centre of curvature and examples. Spherical curvature, Locus of centre of
spherical curvature, Theorem: Curve determined by its intrinsic equation, Helices, Spherical
indicatrix of tangent, Involutes, Evolutes. Bertrand curves.
Envelopes, Developable Surfaces: Surfaces, Tangent plane –Normal, One –Parameter Family of
Surfaces: Envelope, Characteristics, Edge of regression, Developable surfaces, Developables
associated with a curve: Osculating development, Polar development, Rectifying development.
Two –parameter Family of Surface: Envelope, Characteristics points, and its examples.
Curvilinear Coordinates on a Surface Fundamental Magnitudes: Curvilinear Coordinates,
First order magnitude , Directions on a surface , The normal , Second order Magnitude
,Derivatives of n ,Curvature of normal section ,Meunier’s theorem and examples.
Curves on a Surface: Lines of Curvature: Principal direction and curvatures, First and second
curvature, Euler’s theorem, Dupin’s indicatrix, The Surface z = f(x,y), Surface of revolution and
examples. Conjugate directions, Conjugate systems.
Asymptotic lines, Curvature and torsion, Isometric Parameters, Null Lines or Minimal curves and
The Equations of Gauss and of Codazzi: Gauss’s formula for r11, r12, r22 ,Gauss’s
characteristic equations ,Mainardi–Codazzi relations, Alternative expressions ,Bonnets theorem,
Derivation of an angle  and examples.
Geodesic: Geodesic property, Equations of geodesics, Surface of revolution, Torsion of a
geodesic ,Curves in relation to Geodesics : Bonnet’s theorem ,Joachimsthal’s theorems ,Vector
curvature , Geodesic curvature and its other formulae ,Examples.
Books Recommended:
1.C.E.Weatherburn Differential Geometry
2.Bansi Lal Differential Geometry, Atma Ram & Sons, Delhi
3.Andrew Presely Elementry Differential Geometry, Springer

BMG: 303 Linear Programming and Probability Max Marks: 50
Convex sets and their properties, Introduction to linear programming problems,
Mathematical formulation, graphical method, Simplex method.
Concept of duality in linear programming, Framing of dual problems, Dual simplex
method, Sensitivity analysis.
Revised simplex method, Transportation problem and assignment problem.
Definition of Probability, Addition and multiplication theorems, Conditional Probability,
Independent and dependent events, Mutually exclusive events, Mathematical expectation,
Introduction to axiomatic approach.
The Binomial distribution, Some properties of Binomial distribution , The Poisson
distribution, Some properties of Poisson distribution, Relation between binomial and
Poisson distributions and problems. The normal distribution, Some properties of normal
distribution, Relation between normal and binomial distributions.
Books Recommended:
1. P.K.Gupta & Man Mohan Linear Programming
2. Ray & Sharma Mathematical Statistics